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Become one of the 25 sponsors to make someone's dream come true.

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Want to give back to the community and contribute to the economic inclusion of women, while building a personal relationship with a low-income social entrepreneur in Medellín?

For 1 USD/day (365$ in total), you can sponsor an entrepreneur's training and mentoring for a full year. You will also have an opportunity to meet her, learn about the process and give her advice.

Click the button below to become one of the 25 sponsors who will be part of this adventure!

If you can´t commit to being a full sponsor but would still like to contribute, any donation is hugely useful & greatly appreciated. In just a few clicks, you can make a difference in the lives of a social entrepreneurs in Colombia.

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This project is an opportunity for people who want to give back to the community, to contribute to social justice, economic inclusion, and gender equality, while building a personal relationship with the social entrepreneur they sponsor.

When you adopt a Dream, you will become a member of a community of sponsors, mentors and social entrepreneurs. We will invite you to participate in activities so you will have a chance to interact with the entrepreneurs, get to know their projects and provide support and advice. If you are not in Medellín, but would like to be a part of this, we will make sure to reach out and include you through videocalls, and frequent updates.

Andreina, baking for single moms

Andreina González is a 25 y/o Venezuelan woman, the mother of a 3 y/o boy, a wife and an entrepreneur. As a 19 y/o student, the political situation in her country led her to seek a better future and economic stability for her family. She arrived in Colombia excited, with desires, fears and dreams.

There, she had to work in kitchens and sweatshops. It was difficult because she was used to studying full-time. During the pandemic, she and her husband lost their jobs. However, they decided to explore cooking as a hobby, inventing and preparing new recipes. One day, her husband asked her to prepare desserts to share with friends and the next day they were asking for more. She received many compliments, ideas and contacts of other potential clients. The small enterprise Postres A&J was born, selling in the streets of the neighborhood. She began to save up to buy utensils and equipment, which would allow her to produce and sell more.

Andreina came to Todos Podemos in hope of developing and growing her business model. She sells unemployed women her desserts at wholesale price for them to distribute them in their neighborhood, giving women like her the opportunity to generate their own income and participate in society. At the end of the training, she was selected as one of the businesses with most potential and was awarded a refrigerator and a blender to increase her production.

She currently works with 40 women, continues to innovate and learn about new trends and techniques. She recently attended a course with the famous Colombian pastry chef Juliana Alvarez, who was contacted by Todos Podemos and shared her experience with Andreina and encouraged her to follow her dream.

María, when textiles save women from the streets

María applied to be a Todos Podemos entrepreneur with 2 things: one skill (sewing), and one goal (saving her daughter, who was living on the streets as a consequence of drug addiction).

And this is all she needed!

In the program, she built a business model in which she would open a clothing store with her own brand, hire homeless women to manufacture, and provide a safe place for their children while they work.

Upon finishing the training with us, she began her work and opened her workshop with the store in the front with one employee. After a couple of months, she hired a second and then a third woman, and about 6 months later, her daughter became her fourth team member and made it out of the streets and of her addiction.

With your support, we provide the tools for driven women like María to develop businesses that benefit their communities and contribute to Colombia’s economic, social, and environmental progress.

Do you want to be part of this transformation? Your contribution is tax-deductible in many countries. Join us and let’s make a difference together!

How do I adopt a dream?
1- Bank transfer

2 - Vaki

Vaki is Latin America’s number one crowdfunding platform. It allows you to make secure donations to a campaign from anywhere in the world using or a credit card, debit card or PSE.

3 - GlobalGiving

If you don't have access to a Colombian account, or if you prefer to use PayPal, ApplePay, or a credit card, GlobalGiving allows you to securely send donations to us from anywhere in the world. Another advantage: Your donation certificate will be generated directly on the platform.

Who is Todos Podemos?

We are a grassroot Colombian non-profit organization based in Medellín. We believe that starting a business should and can be a viable option for anyone with a passion and an idea, regardless of their socioeconomic situation. We also believe that social entrepreneurship is a great way to bring durable change where it is most needed.

This is why we train Changemakers in Colombia's most vulnerable communities.

Despite understanding local needs and having the drive to address them, limited access to education and capital makes it almost impossible to become an entrepreneur. We teach them how to create sustainable projects and develop the skill of a business leader. With your support they have the ability to solve social and environmental problems in a sustainable manner.

Why should you adopt a dream?

  1. Transform a Colombian low-income female entrepreneur's life and make a durable positive impact in her community
  2. Make a meaningful connection with the entrepreneur you sponsor. You have the opportunity to meet her, mentor her, join her on a field trip and support her at her pitch presentation. She will thank you forever.
  3. Be part of a community of like-minded changemakers who take action to impact lives and underserved communities in Medellín, Colombia. Get to know and interact with your peers.

Is Todos Podemos a serious organization?

Yes, we are a registered Non-Profit, which reports to the State of Antioquia annually to maintain its status. We are also part of networks and plateforms that vet all aspiring members before letting them in (Red de Impacto Latam, GlobalGiving...).

How do I know this will work?

We have trained over 100 low-income entrepreneurs in Colombia - mostly women - of which 80% have been able to sell their products & services within 3 months of their training.

why women?

Worldwide studies show that investing in women positively impacts their families and communities. Additionally, women's economic participation contributes to overall economic growth. From our experience in Colombia, women have much higher participation and success rates than men.

What will happen after I become a sponsor?

Once you have decided to become a sponsor or donor, you will be added to our community vía email and/or Whatsapp. This is where you will be invited to events related to the project (the first one will be in August 2023 in Medellín). You will also receive updates on when the training will start and who the entrepreneurs will be.

When will the training start?

As soon as 25 sponsors have signed up or 9125 USD have been raised, we will open applications for the entrepreneurs. Once they have been selected, they will be matched with their sponsor and start the training. Our goal is to start in August, but don't worry, we'll keep you informed every step of the way!

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